by Jan Felipe

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Interludes was recorded during 2012 in Paris.

Thanks to Tim Brooks and Bruno Nadkarni for help on english lyrics, Nicolai Pinheiro and Pery Sodré for musical advices,
Rachel Tanugi Ribas for cover photo.

Thanks also to Carmen Beer, Kim Biousse, Roberto Kramer and Priscila Reigoto.


released February 20, 2013

Vocals and instruments by Jan Felipe.
Mix and mastering by Jonathan Attard.
Cover photo by Rachel Tanugi Ribas.

"Contemplo o lago mudo" is a Fernando Pessoa poem.




Jan Felipe

São Paulo, Brasil.

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Track Name: Contemplo o lago mudo
Contemplo o lago mudo
Que uma brisa estremece.
Não sei se penso em tudo
Ou se tudo me esquece.
O lago nada me diz,
Não sinto a brisa mexê-lo
Não sei se sou feliz
Nem se desejo sê-lo.

Trêmulos vincos risonhos
Na água adormecida.
Por que fiz eu dos sonhos
A minha única vida?
Track Name: Everyday's lost
Two weeks now, lost in my room.
An empty world far from the sight
of desire and heavy thoughts.

It slows down time and memories too,
hidden by pride and kept aside
from the logics of what to do.

I need one more night in this room.

Someone make me stand up now
Where are you breathing? Are you laughing?
I forgot the reasons to be gone.

One last call, the end of june,
sorrow's grown wild and changed my life
until the walls hailed something new.

All this wait has cleared the view.

Someone make me leave it now
colors and feelings has been rising.
One runs away in silence, disappointing.

Everyday's lost without love I can tell you.
Everyday of our lives.

Everyday's lost without love I can tell you.
Everyday of my life.
Track Name: L'absence de gentillesse
On s'observe, on se méprise
toujours sans remords.
On s'écarte, on se déguise,
craintifs et alors?

oh chemin amer pour ceux qui se cachent en tort

On s'embrasse et on salive
pour un bref bonheur.
On éloigne ces gens nocifs
brisant tout honneur.

oh destin cruel pour ceux qui se taisent en pleur

Une morale chaque jour,
un mot violent pour taire.
Une menace sans détour,
ne me touche pas je préfère.

oh mort consensuelle pour ceux qui vivent en peur.
Track Name: Strange sense of relief
Words I couldn't say
may last all life long.
Music filled with blame
has always made me so strong.

I've been wandering in
the narrow streets with closing walls
pushing my footsteps.
Somehow feeling fine
with my stupid loneliness.

Facts we cannot change
are the cure for all regret.
But years didn't conceal the
strange sense of relief
surrounded by the cloud of despair.

Recalling your laughs
in this quiet sunday room,
its brave warm bed.
Joking in the face of time.
Until it suddenly arrived.
Track Name: Impulso
Eu quero força para cantar.
Eu quero luz para dizer:

"o meu amor nunca será
enquanto eu nao souber conter
o impulso que chama"

Enquanto lembro de você.
E lhe abandono sem poder.